Dog Rescue – Locked door

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October 19, 2016
Use your house key on a padlock
May 1, 2017
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Dog Rescue – Locked door

The most rewarding job of the day when a customer rang to say they couldn’t get in to walk a neighbours dog, despite being in possession of the door key.

On arrival it was soon apparent that the dog had been so excited he had managed to hit the thumb turn that operates a bolt at the bottom of the door and thrown the bolt.
After picking the lock on another door it was only a few minutes before he was having a nice walk.
Useful Tip:
If you have a dog and your wooden door has bolts that wind in and out with a thumb turn knob, it could be worth converting the bottom bolt to be used with a key and remove the possibility of this ever happening to your loved pet. (It is also less inviting for a burglar if there isn’t an easy way to unlock a door, once entry has been forced by other means, as burglars look to make an escape route just as much as they look at an entry point)
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