Restricted Keys

We offer a wide range of restricted keys to suit your requirements.


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Key Door Solutions & ABUS Restricted Key

What is it?

  • A key that is restricted and is controlled for use on a limited geographical basis preventing people getting duplicates cut at local heel bars or key cutting booths.
  • Duplicates have to be authorised by the registered keeper before we will cut them.

What are the benefits?

  • Firstly, as we build the cylinder with component parts manufactured by ABUS in Germany, we can key alike many different locks in your property combining Residential Doors with Garage Doors and Padlocks, plus many other locks. (You don’t have to carry a large bunch of keys and sort through them as you approach your door or padlock etc. If one door lock should for some reason be difficult to open, then you can be sure of gaining entry through an alternative)
  • If you hand out a key to a Cleaner or Tradesperson etc then on return of the key, you can have confidence that no one has made a duplicate.
    Your personal settings are recorded through coding and if you ever lost your keys and were locked out, there would be no need for the expense or potential damage of a forced gain entry. You would simply contact Key Door Solutions with your code (or ask us to retrieve it) and we would produce you a key cut to code and either deliver it to you, or you could collect it.
  • In addition if you have a vulnerable member of the family, we are able to build a cylinder with an Emergency Feature in the clutch area of the lock. This will enable a key to be used from the outside whilst a key is located on the inside of the lock. (This is not a feature of the majority of locks, as a key on the inside would foul entry with a key from the outside).

This system can be extended at any time in the future should you have an extension or additional padlocks or just wish to include the garage door at a later stage for example.

For further information, please call Andrew Tristram direct on 07787 278555 or landline 01332 865000 or e-mail