Business Repairs

Due to the cost of some commercial or business locks it can be the case that replacement is better than repair. However it can still be viable in other cases to repair a lock due to either its particular type or a complex key holder situation.

It is also possible to build a new lock to suit an existing key configuration. This allows the replacement of a damaged lock whilst maintaining the facility of keeping the same keys. (Particularly useful if there are many key holders and difficulty in getting new keys to them and/or gaining new signatures for the receipt of new keys)

Tenant Lock Change

It can often be overlooked when taking possession of new premises, to change the locks ensuring the security of your contents. You can never be sure how many people were given keys to the existing locks by the previous owner or tenant. It is a very sensible option to change the locks and also very cost effective if the result of not doing so leads to a theft of goods or confidential information.

LANDLORDS should also be aware that it is advisory to change the locks to your property if you have recently parted with a problem tenant. You can never be certain of how many keys the previous tennant may have had cut and casually issued.

Entry after Eviction

Often disgruntled tenants cause damage to locks when they vacate the premises. They tend to cause obstruction to key ways by use of either superglue or broken keys. This prevents the use of the proper key and can be a real frustration.

We are able to help in cases of obstruction and regain access to your premises. We also carry a large variety of locks and can usually attend to any lock changes or renewals that are required whilst we are still on site. This reduces the time and cost associated with further site visits.

Desks and Cabinets

Key Door Solutions offer an opening service to locked items of office furniture and carry a stock of common locks should they need replacing.

We also offer the facility of supplying new keys to existing locks and in many cases this can be done by the customer notifying us of the numbers etched on the lock. This allows us to identify the code and cut the key without the need for expensive site visits, it can also speed up the process of getting a replacement key to you.


Key Door Solutions offer both an opening and a full lock replacement service. So if you have a locker where the keys have been lost, we can open it for you and cut a key for you or replace the lock with a new set of keys.

We carry stock of the standard locks and can therefore usually respond on site rather than have the need for costs associated with further site visits.

Access Control

If you have existing Digital Access Locks that need to be serviced, altered or replaced we can offer the solution. We can also identify the code to Mechanical Digital Access Locks if the combination has been lost or forgotten. We can also re-programme the lock to a more memorable combination or change it if it has become necessary to do so due to a company restructure or personnel change.

We can of course also fit Digital Access Locks to doors as a new requirement or security upgrade.

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