One Key Solution

Local Master Locksmith Approved Company, Key Door Solutions, are able to offer business customers across Derby, Derbyshire and bordering counties of Leicestershire, Staffordshire & Nottinghamshire a “One Key Solution”.

Often Business Owners & Building Managers are forced to carry a bunch of keys around. Why?

Many business properties have multiple entrance doors and several internal doors fitted with locks, to prevent casual entry of unauthorised personnel.

With a “One Key Solution”, you can have multiple doors, gates, padlocks etc all Keyed Alike, allowing you to carry one key and access all your doors, gates and padlocks at the property. In addition the locks can be Master Keyed  to allow senior people in the business to use one key to access some, or all doors etc, whilst other staff members can be restricted to one or more specific locks / doors.

How nice would it be to add just one key onto your key ring for your business needs? Not to mention the reduction in fumbling around trying to scramble through the key ring for the right key to open a specific lock.

This facility can also be offered on a very highly engineered lock that has a restricted key that can stop staff obtaining duplicate keys at a local heel bar or key cutting booth. The restricted key also gives you continued control of the building and if you have a key returned from a leaving member of staff, you have peace of mind that are not lots of casual copies of the key floating around.