Moving House?

Amongst the chaos of moving house and the many things to organise and do, it is important to consider need to change door locks to your new home.

It can be a frightening wake up call when you consider just who might have been given a key in the past to what has become your new home. Often previous tenants or owners have handed out keys to friends, family and neighbours (sometimes only with the intention for them to feed the cat whilst they are away on a short break or out at work) and all too often when it comes to them vacating the property they are either too involved in their own issues or not concerned enough to retrieve all the keys from all the key holders.

We all spend multiple thousands of pounds on a property and then fill it with both sentimental and valuable belongings. For a small investment you could change the locks and prevent a problem that sadly some encounter shortly after completion of a house purchase and move. The house never feels the same and the initial joy can be dampened by a very avoidable and unfortunate burglary.

Have you considered when moving into your new home:

  • Changing the key to front & rear doors
  • Replacing padlocks to sheds and outbuildings
  • Changing the key to garage doors
  • Adding a security chain to the front door
  • CCTV
  • An intercom device
  • Letterbox cowling

It is also a time to consider the possibility of having certain doors with locks that are “keyed alike”. This takes away the frustration of searching through the keys each time you wish to unlock a door. It is often possible to have all doors and padlocks, at the property, operated by one key.

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