Other Services

Door Repairs

At Key Door Solutions we offer a full range of repairs to your doors. From draught proofing, weather bars, handles, locks and glass or panel replacements through to simple hinge and lock adjustments.
If you have a door that is not weather proof or does not lock/close properly, give us a call, tell us the fault and we will discuss over the telephone the likely options and costs to carry out a repair.

Double Glazing Repairs

From simple window repairs such as a replacement handle through to new hinges, glass or draught seals, Key Door Solutions are able to offer a complete repair service to your double glazing problems.
Why not give us a call to explain your problems and we should be able to give a guide to the likely costs involved in repairing the fault.

Glass or Door Panel Replacement

Key Door Solutions have an extensive knowledge of glass and door panel designs and options. We are able to replace glass and panels to most types of windows and doors and this can prove a cost effective repair against the expense of affording a new door or window.

Full Replacement Windows and Doors

Key Door Solutions do offer a complete service, so if you have experienced a burglary or some vandalism not only can we be the first on hand to repair and secure your property but should the window or door prove to be damaged beyond repair, we can organise a complete replacement and install it for you.

UPVC Garage Doors

Key Door Solutions have developed a unique answer to replacing hinged garage doors with low maintenance UPVC doors. If you have existing timber garage doors that swing open and they are rotten, in need of replacement, or you would just prefer something more secure that looks better and needs very little looking after, then contact us for a free quotation.
Garage Doors from Key Door Solutions

For further information, please call Andrew Tristram direct on 07787 278555 or landline 01332 865000 or e-mail andy@keydoorsolutions.co.uk

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