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Local Master Locksmith Approved Company, Key Door Solutions, are able to offer customers across Derby, Derbyshire and bordering counties of Leicestershire, Staffordshire & Nottinghamshire a “One Key Solution”.

Often people are forced to carry a bunch of keys around. Why?

Insurance companies are not happy when people leave keys inside the property. This is because it aids burglars who might commonly smash a window to gain entry and use the keys to unlock doors, allowing them freedom to remove large items, such as TV’s etc.

Also, there is an occasion where a door lock fails and people need to be able to enter the property by using a second Door.

Equally, some people need to carry a gate key etc to use when they return home.

With a “One Key Solution”, you can have multiple doors, gates, padlocks etc all Keyed Alike, allowing you to carry one key and access all your doors, gates and padlocks at the property. In some circumstances we are even able to combine the garage door on the same key.

How nice would it be to pop one key into your jeans pocket when you go out, or to have one key on your key ring allowing all that extra handbag space for all the valuable purchases when you go shopping. Not to mention the reduction in fumbling around when you get home in the dark, trying to scramble through the key ring for the right key to open the lock.

This facility can also be offered on a very highly engineered lock that should you unfortunately lose your key and need a change of key for security, we can attend your home with new keys and components and then alter the existing locks to work from a new key configuration!

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