Lock Repair / Replacement

Replacement Locks
Key Door Solutions are on hand to respond promptly to requests to replace locks, be it to provide a change of keys or to improve security. We stock a variety of locks to offer speedy solutions from house doors to garage doors and from furniture locks to padlocks.

Faulty Locks
Many people leave faulty locks until either the lock or the mechanism it operates completely fails and jams in a locked shut position. This always proves more costly in the long run than resolving the problem as soon as a lock or key begins to cause difficulties.

Don’t leave it until it is too late!

At Key Door Solutions we offer a service to open padlocks that have become stuck, corroded or worn, or where the keys have been lost or misplaced. We also carry a selection of padlocks to be able to offer a complete solution to your needs and take away the headache and frustration if you are unable to gain entry to your garage, shed, gateway etc.

For further information, please call Andrew Tristram direct on 07787 278555 or landline 01332 865000 or e-mail andy@keydoorsolutions.co.uk