Caution when buying ULTION keys! Choose Key Door Solutions for a professionally cut Ultion key, by a licensed company. Ultion license number 1016100

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Caution when buying ULTION keys! Choose Key Door Solutions for a professionally cut Ultion key, by a licensed company. Ultion license number 1016100

Key Door Solutions has successfully been cutting Ultion keys for customers up and down the country. To our surprise, we’ve had to come to the rescue of people nationwide needing replacement Ultion keys where other companies have not cut them correctly. We’re proud to say that we’ve provided solutions for everyone who has contacted us. We thought we’d share some of the main problems the public seem to be encountering from other, less reputable, locksmiths by way of a caution for householders to think about before buying or replacing Ultion keys.

You shouldn’t have to wait too long for a replacement
We have had orders from members of the public who have been told that they need to leave a key with the company and that it will take 2 weeks to get the duplicates produced. If you order your Ultion Keys from  Key Door Solutions, all we need is the engraved number and we can take care of the rest. We aim and usually achieve the keys being produced and in the post within 24 hours. We will send them first class “Signed For” mail to ensure you get them securely and promptly.

Your key should open your lock!
We have had people contact us after ordering Ultion keys from another company when the keys that have arrived do not work. We have even had cases where the company has sent replacement keys for those that didn’t work and the replacements have also failed to work. There have been different reasons for this situation. Some have been due to poor tolerances and lack of accuracy when producing the keys and others have been due to a company using a poor copy key blank, rather than a genuine Ultion key blank, as in certain cases this can be relevant.

You can cover your unique key number
We have also had customers contact us saying they would like a way of covering their unique key number from general sight, whist still being able to access it in the future. Combined with this we have had some customers with joint and mobility issues requesting something to aid key rotation and grip of the key. Brisant, who manufacture Ultion have produced a clever Key Cap to conceal your number whilst providing easy access to it for the future and it also provides a better grip of the key to assist people with joint and mobility issues. Key Door Solutions have these Key Caps available and in stock to assist its customers.

Key Door Solutions, with support from Brisant, can also offer a unique Ultion Key Ring Tracking App that will allow you to locate both your mobile phone and / or your keys, should you have put them down in the house and be struggling to locate one of them. In addition, you can opt for the key tracking system that means you need never lose your keys.

How to recognise genuine Ultion keys

recognise a real Ultion key


Check you Ultion key is real

Top Tips when buying Ultion Keys


  • It is worth checking that the company is using genuine Ultion Key blanks and not a cheap copy blank.
  • Check the company is a Licensed Ultion Key Centre (Key Door Solutions License Number 1016100)


  • Do the company use and stock genuine Ultion Locks and Keys?
  • Have they been trained by Brisant (the company that manufacture Ultion) to build Ultion locks and cut Ultion keys .
  • Is the company an Aprroved Company of the Master Locksmith Association, where they are regularly inspected and vetted, including DBS/CRB checks.

If you would like a professional approved Ultion key cut you can order them from Key Door Solutions here


I am an independent mobile locksmith covering parts of the East Midlands. Having personally joined the British Locksmith Institute and Master Locksmith Association (MLA) in September 2009, I progressed to achieve the Master Locksmith qualification in June 2014. I then decided to take Key Door Solutions to the same high level to become an MLA, Approved Company who are Qualified, Vetted and regularly Inspected. Our speciality is in areas of High Security Locks and keys, UPVC Repairs and upgrades and Safe opening and repairs. We have a persistence in finding the best solution for our customers, whilst maintaining a professional, communicative and courteous manner.

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