Dual Key

This provides a deliberate facility for a key to be left on the inside of a door and yet a key inserted on the outside can still operate the lock.

Local East Midlands Master Locksmith Approved Company, Key Door Solutions, are strongly recommending people to consider using a Dual Key – Emergency & Convenience feature when changing your door locks.

This feature provides a function where the outside key operates the lock even if an internal key has been left in place on the inside of the lock.

Usually a very small additional amount would provide this facility that is extremely valuable in Emergency situations where vulnerable people could otherwise be locked and trapped inside their own homes. This feature has already saved valuable minutes (and costs in having a locksmith attend) where a vulnerable person has fallen and emergency services have been unable to gain entry, even though there is a key holder present. It has also helped carers getting into properties where someone with dementia has blocked access by leaving a key on the inside, ensuring they get the attention needed to manage their day.

Equally it is extremely Convenient for families where one person could (or prefers) to lock the door and leave a key on the inside of the lock, preventing another family member being able to enter the house. This has proven extremely popular in preventing a teenage sibling coming home from school, locking the door, putting on the headphones and blocking a sibling or parents getting in the house.

There have been many installations of this product throughout Derby, Derbyshire, and our bordering counties in Leicestershire, Staffordshire & Nottinghamshire and it has helped save valuable minutes in emergency situations and reduced stress levels from a convenience point of view.